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Cygnet Clinic - Perth Psychologists & Psychiatrists in Midland, & Fremantle.   
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About Cygnet Clinic

Cygnet Clinic has been established from a group of highly trained and experienced private practitioners recruited nationally and is one of the largest clinics of its kind in Western Australia.

We are an established practice, with our core group of clinicians practicing in the Midland and Fremantle areas for over a decade. Cygnet is the name of a young swan - The clinic adopted this name as a reflection of the Swan area where our main office is located.  Medicare based referrals cover the majority of our fees.

As a private practice we do not offer any bulk-billed services.

Please see your General Practitioner for a referral under Medicare for both Psychology and Psychiatry services.

We are experienced in treating a wide range of Psychological conditions from Major Depression, Anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder to specific behavioural problems in children. We have recruited a team of clinicians based on their special interests and expertise.

Our practitioners are Consultant Psychiatrists or postgraduate trained Clinical, Counselling or Forensic Psychologists,

meaning they all hold a minimum of 6 years of university training (minimum Masters degree in Clinical Psychology or up to 12 years for Doctoral or PhD Degree Holders.

Given our profile, we are trained in dealing with complex referrals and have an emphasis on evidence-based practice. Referrals under Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance are also accepted. We encourage clients to provide feedback (anonymous or otherwise) so we can continue to improve our service to the community.  Learn more....

Our patient centred model of mental health care

We believe that a General Practitioner is best able to meet their patients mental health needs through a multidisciplinary team based arrangement. An individualised patient-centred plan may be matched to the Mental Health support required (for example a patient may only require a Psychologist, others a might only need a Psychiatrist, and in some cases a patient would benefit from both professions working together).  

Some key differences between Psychologists and Psychiatrists


Psychologists are experts in providing assessment and therapy for a range of conditions. They are university trained to a minimum 6 years Masters Degree plus a registrar period of 2 years for those with endorsed titles.


Consultant Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors with further specialist training in mental health. One main difference is that Psychiatrists can prescribe medications whilst Psychologists do not.

Our Core Services





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Practice Manager/Accounts

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Midland & Fremantle Receptionist

External Advisory Group

Tania Towers
Senior Clinical Psychologist

Dr Allan Quigley
Addiction Medical Specialist

Dr Gemma Sharp
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jason Sharbanee
EFT Trainer & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lois Achimovich
Retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Chris Hayes
Schema Therapist & Clinical Psychologist

A/Prof Georgie Paulik-White
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Ali Marsh
Senior Clinical Psychologist

A/Prof Bradleigh Hayhow
Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

A/Prof Hamid Sohrabi
Clinical Psychologist & Researcher

Dr Caitlin Pearcy
Clinical Psych0logist

Australian Psychological

National Disability Insurance

Australian Clinical Psychology

Australian & New Zealand Association of
Psychiatry, Psychology & Law 

Keep in Touch

Let us update you on changes in Cygnet Clinic and new initiatives in Mental Health treatment available in Western Australia (including updates to any changes to the Better Access to Mental Health Medicare System).

Midland Clinic: 9467 7676  Fremantle Clinic 9467 6373
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