About Cygnet Clinic

Our Practice

Cygnet Clinic, Excellence in Psychological Healthcare.

Cygnet Clinic started as Swan Psychology in close association with local GPs in 2007, providing Clinical Psychologist sessions under the Better Access to Mental Health (Medicare) program from its launch in late 2006.

We started as a small group of Senior Clinical Psychologists and Supervisors under the Western Australia Psychology Board prior to the establishment of the national registration body AHPRA in 2010.

From the beginning, Cygnet Clinic was affiliated with postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology at major universities.  We actively participate in teaching as well as  supervision for Master's students and graduates.  We established ourselves as a high quality training clinic with collaborative applied research projects to further the discipline of psychology in assisting people with psychological difficulties. 

Our core values

Cygnet Clinic established itself as an accessible, high quality, evidence based private practice.  We believe that highly trained clinicians can provide psychological care to all members of our community.  Our aim is to remove as many barriers to accessing mental health care as possible.

Our Midland Clinic was the first clinic location prior to Fremantle and the Pilbara clinics.  The name "Cygnet" pays homage to the Swan District where our first independent clinic was opened in 2011.  We have close relationships with local General Practitioners and have a history of shared-care that spans well over a decade.

Our practice has grown significantly in direct response to the growing need for mental health services in our community.  We have a diverse range of clinicians and are one of the few clinics where Psychologists and Psychiatrists work together to provide services that reflect gold standard in team-based care. 

Our Emphasis on Collaborative Care

    We believe that a General Practitioner is best able to meet their patients mental health needs through a multidisciplinary team based arrangement. An individualised patient-centred plan may be matched to the Mental Health support required (for example a patient may only require a Clinical Psychologist, others a might only need a Psychiatrist, and in some cases a patient would benefit from both professions working together).

About our Team-Based Model of Care

Under our model, a General Practitioner has multiple options:
•  A GP can refer directly to any Clinical Psychologist through at Mental Health Care Plan arrangement for 10 Sessions (6 sessions + 4 sessions) per calendar year (with an extension to 20 if needed).

•  A GP can refer to a Consultant Psychiatrist (general referral or for Opinion and Report - item 291). The Psychiatrist may then refer directed to a Clinical Psychologist which does not require a Mental Health Care Plan from the General Practitioner. This includes group therapy as well as individual psychotherapy.

•  A GP can refer only to a Consultant Psychiatrist for treatment (see Medicare Item Numbers for more details). 

Giving Back to the Community

    We have a proud history of fee-free training for the next generation of postgraduate trainees and graduate registrars.  We also have donated funds to a range of various charitable causes including campaigns concerning the impact of suicide, disability and terminal illness, men's mental health, awareness & prevention of domestic violence and more. 

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Keep in Touch

Let us update you on changes in Cygnet Clinic and new initiatives in Mental Health treatment available in Western Australia (including updates to any changes to the Better Access to Mental Health Medicare System).

If your are in need of help urgently, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14