About our Team Based model of care

Cygnet Clinic

Excellence in Psychological Health

Excellence in Psychological Health
We believe that a General Practitioner is best able to meet their patients mental health needs through a multidisciplinary team based arrangement. An individualised patient-centred plan may be matched to the Mental Health support required (for example a patient may only require a Clinical Psychologist, others a might only need a Psychiatrist, and in some cases a patient would benefit from both professions working together). 

Our Model of Team Based Care

Under our model, a General Practitioner has multiple options:

• A GP can refer directly to any Clinical Psychologists through a MHCP arrangement for 10 sessions per year (item 2710).

• A GP can refer to a Consultant Psychiatrist (through item 291) for Opinion & Report. The Psychiatrist may then recommend Clinical Psychology which does not need a GP Mental Health Care Plan but can be directly referred by the Psychiatrist. This includes group therapy items.

• A GP can refer to a Psychiatrist for ongoing management and treatment.

For more information, please contact us on 9467 7676 (Midland) or 9467 6373 (Fremantle)

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