Dr Brendon Dellar

Managing Director & Adjunct Associate Professor

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Dr Brendon Dellar is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and an Adjunct Associate Professor.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP) and a Member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology & Law (ANZAPPL). He teaches trainee Clinical Psychologists studying at a Masters and Doctoral level in the area of Psychological Assessment and report writing as well as Addictions and Neuropsychology.  Dr Dellar is a Board Approved Supervisor and actively engages in supervision with Masters students and/or Registrars in Clinical Psychology training. 

Dr Dellar has worked extensively in the area of treating Addictive Behaviours, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and complex Bereavement (where individuals may experience co-morbid grief reactions as well as traumatic anxiety). His main area of clinical interest is in trauma with co-morbid conditions such as alcohol & drug dependency, grief and depression. He has been involved as a consultant for agencies involved in addictions and traumatic grief. 

One main interest is the use of illicit drugs in high functioning individuals (e.g., professionals) as well as the abuse of prescription medications in these populations. This extends to drug abuse and dependency in professional sports. 

Other special interests include
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Major Depressive Disorder
• Borderline Personality Disorder
• Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia

Dr Dellar’s current role is as the Director of Cygnet Clinic, a large centre for psychological assessment and treatment. Cygnet Clinic is among the largest private clinics in Western Australia and undertakes a variety of work including Workers‘ Compensation and Rehabilitation, Better Access to Mental Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and assessment through Criminal Injuries Compensation. Cygnet Clinic has a reputation for excellence in clinical practice and includes purpose-built facilities for postgraduate students on clinical placement.

Assessment based services will continue to be offered in a restrictive range of areas as a co-author of reports or psychometric testing.

Associate Lecturer Curtin University of Technology 2000-2003
Associate Lecture and Unit Controller for Addiction Studies (school of Psychology and Public Health), Sensation & Perception, Health Psychology.  Addictions as an undergraduate stream focussed on issues pertaining to harm reduction, public health policy as well as clinical presentations of addictions in specific populations. 

Lecturer Curtin University of Technology 2004 - 2006
Lecturer and Unit Controller for Professional Practice, Addiction Studies, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology & Medical Imaging Technology.  Curtin Guild Nomination and Award for Excellence in Teaching 2005. 

Lecturer Behavioural Science, Notre Dame University 2004-2009
Unit controller for Abnormal Psychology - A unit in both Behavioural Science and Counselling courses based around the current understanding of Psychological Disorders and Clinical Presentations of Psychiatric conditions defined by current DSM and ICD criteria. 

Lecturer Medicine - Notre Dame University/Curtin University/Murdoch University 2008 to Current
Provide lectures to graduate Medicine students on psychological theories of mood and mood disturbances

Specialist Clinical Psychologist - Swan Medical Group 2006 to 2012
Provided Clinical Psychologist services in a primary health care setting. Working as a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and Clinical Psychologist under the Better Access to Mental Health Medicare initiative at Melville Family Health and Swan Medical Group.

Clinical Scholar - Curtin University of Technology. 2011
Lecturer and Unit Controller for Addictions & Neuropsychology & Psychological Assessment

Clinical Supervisor - Cygnet Clinic 2010 to Current
Supervising postgraduate students on placement and graduate registrars working towards their endorsement as Clinical Psychologists. Provide external supervision for Mental Health Nurses and Psychologists in a number of agencies including Anglicare and Holyoke. 

Criminal Injuries Compensation - Psychological Assessment / Report Author
Provide assessment services and reports to the Health Department of Western Australia. These reports are used to determine the compensation entitlements for victims of crime under state based legislation. 

Assessment of the impact of trauma has been extended to the victims of childhood sexual abuse as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I have been actively involved in the support of clients during the commissions private hearings into individual WA based cases and providing reports of impact of abuse for WA residing cases where the abuse occurred in another state or territory. 

Australian Football League - IDP Coordinator Western Australian & South Australia (2019/2020)
Co-ordinating and providing Mental Health Services for AFL Clubs in WA and SA.  Clinical Governance Working Group

Australian Football League - Consultant Psychologist:  Providing Mental Health Services for WA clubs and policy development for the AFL (2021 - Current)

Adjunct Associate Professor - Curtin University of Technology 2014 - March 2021
Adjunct to the School of Population Health (Psychology/Clinical Psychology Program).

Master of Psychology (Clinical & Health)
PGDipPsych (with Distinction)
Bachelor of Science, Psychology. 

Awards & Memberships
Fellow of the College of Clinical Psychologists, Australian Psychological Society (FCCLP)
Board Approved Supervisor (Clinical Endorsement Registrar Program) AHPRA
Member Australian Psychological Society
Member for Australian & New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL)
Elected Western Australia Committee Member: College of Clinical Psychologists (2008)
Curtin University Postgraduate Award, 2002.
Teaching Award: Curtin University Guild Excellence in Teaching Hon Mention, 2005.
Arbor - Expert Reference Group 2012
St John Wellbeing & Support - Expert Advisory Group 2018 to Current
Black Dog on a Lead - Largest financial contribution toward the Kai Eardley Fund for Suicide Prevention. 2018
West Australian Sports Wellbeing Initiative (WASWI) Founder 2019 - 2020
Credabl Helping Hands Grant Recipient (National Grant for Private Health Sector) 2021

Clinical Interests
Dr Dellar’s main clinical interests are Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression and Addictive Behaviours. He has lectured in a number of areas including Psychological Assessment and Treatment Planning. Clinical techniques include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Advanced Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Imagery Rescripting, & Schema Therapy.  He also has an interest in dissociative disorders often accompanying traumatic reactions in individuals with PTSD.

Selected Presentations
2005 - Inner City Mental Health, Royal Perth Hospital. Workshop Presentation: Current developments in the assessment of traumatic anxiety conditions.

2005 - International Trauma Conference, Stockholm Sweden. Assessing Visual Disturbances in Traumatic Anxiety

2007 - General Practitioners Training- Assessment and treatment of Addictive Behaviours 

2008 - General Practitioners Training - Assessment and treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder and drug seeking behaviour.

2008 - ARAFMI State Seminar - The nature of Anxiety in Psychiatric conditions. 

2010 - Midland Mental Health Network - Are Visual Symptoms worth Looking at? Assessing visual disturbances in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

2016 - Department for Child Protection - Drug & Alcohol Use in Adolescents and Children. Workshop for Foster Carers.

2018 - The current understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder and its management in Primary Health Care (GP Practices in the Fremantle Region).  Workshop included features of BPD that often present as co-morbid conditions, namely polysubstance dependency, and the evidence base of limited effectiveness of pharmacology in conjunction with psychological therapies. 

2019 -  Motivational Interviewing - The Basics and Beyond.  Understanding and assisting people with drug and alcohol problems. Society of Professional Social Workers (attended by Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Specialists, Counsellors, Lawyers and Occupational Therapists). 

Fees for private consultations can be found on cygnetclinic.com.au/fees

No Medicare based referrals for new patients are accepted due to limited capacity. Private Clinical Supervision for Registrars and Masters students are accepted.




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