Psychological Assessment for Criminal Injuries Compensation (CIC) Western Australia

We conduct expert and detailed independent psychological evaluations and preparation of a report outlining the impact of criminal injuries for submission to the Office of Criminal Compensation, Western Australia (Department of Justice) for compensation determinations.  Lawyers can refer their clients for an assessment and report below.

Psychological Assessment

Interview, assessment and reporting on the impact of trauma.

Assessment for the purposes of Criminal Injuries has been expertise of Cygnet Clinic since our inception.  We conduct thorough assessments of the impact of an act of crime on an individuals functioning as part of a submission to the Office of Criminal Compensation.  The assessment is independent of any award and a determination of compensation is the responsibility for the assessors in the Office of Criminal Compensation, Department of Justice Western Australia.

Individuals may self-refer (and an application for interim payment can be organised by contacting the office of criminal compensation to cover the cost of the assessment), or are more commonly referred by a lawyer in order to prepare a submission for criminal compensation. 

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