COVID-19 Information & Support

Cygnet Clinic is open, and our clinicians are here to help during lockdown (commencing 29 June 2021) with online & telephone based  appointments.

General COVID Information & Options
• For reliable and accurate information regarding COVID-19, follow this link.

• We are using Telehealth in place of in-clinic consultations to best suit our clients needs.  Contact us to change your appointment to Telehealth during the lockdown period.  Keep in mind that our dedicated reception staff are working very hard during this time and calls to the clinic may take longer than usual.

• Its normal to feel anxious at this time, but even more challenging for people seeking psychological support. If you are in crisis, please contact crisis services listed here.

• Your online session from home does not require special software.  A link will simply be emailed to you prior to your appointment

• Telehealth can be covered by: Medicare (under a Mental Health Care Plan), Private Health, MVA, Workers Compensation, your Organisation/Employer & NDIS may also cover your fees for Telehealth. Please check with your provider.

For Telehealth Session we recommend pre-registering your payment and bank details. This allows you to pay for the session and automatically receive your Medicare Rebate without having to visit a Medicare office or the Clinic in person. Medicare rebates typically clear within 24 hours of your appointment. 


•  We ask that after the 4 day lockdown you keep yourself informed of the current COVID-19 WA status through the offical government website.

•  Our rooms have low thoroughfare due to the nature of our work and longer sessions than most health professionals. Changes have been made to further reduce risk.

Our room cleaning and sterilisation routines have increased in frequency and intensity with high grade disinfectant.

• We kindly ask each patient to use our hospital grade alcohol based hand-sanitiser on arrival.

• You can preregister your payment details before your clinic appointment so that interaction with others is minimal - both payment and rebates are automatic. You can simply leave after your session.

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact our receptionist on 9467 7676 (Midland) or 9467 6373 (Fremantle)

Keep in Touch

Let us update you on changes in Cygnet Clinic and new initiatives in Mental Health treatment available in Western Australia (including updates to any changes to the Better Access to Mental Health Medicare System).

If your are in need of help urgently, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14