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Book a Telephone Consult

You can book and appointment a telephone consultation by filling in the request below.  Depending on you elegibility criteria, Medicare rebates may apply.  Private Health Rebates have increased in response to COVID-19 for Private Appointments.

If your employer or organisation is funding sessions, this will be fully covered.  NDIS, MVA, WC and other insurnace based referrals can also be used depending on eligibility. 

When booking online, clearly choose your referral type from the list and write your Employer, Organisation, Insurer (with Claim number) or referring doctor in the Booking Notes session alongside a request for Telephone consultation rather than Telehealth (aka "Skype" sessions. 

Keep in Touch

Let us update you on changes in Cygnet Clinic and new initiatives in Mental Health treatment available in Western Australia (including updates to any changes to the Better Access to Mental Health Medicare System).


If your are in need of help urgently, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14

During COVID-19, our phone and network providers are experiencing fluctuations in their capacity to provide services to an increase in demand. If you have trouble contacting us, please consider booking online or email