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Cygnet Clinic Electronic Payments and Automatic Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates for our services have been available for the majority of our patients referred under the Better Access initiative. Since Cygnet Clinic opened, we offered Medicare Rebates through our EFTPOS terminal. Although this is convenient, it does require manually entering your referral details for every visit which is time consuming.

To make this process quicker, we are transitioning to Medicare Online claiming. This allows your rebate to be processed automatically at the end of the session without the need for EFTPOS to be used.

To allow Cygnet Clinic to deposit directly into your account, we require the following details.

Medicare Card Details

The number next to your name on the Medicare Card
for example 12/2019 would be 1219

Bank Account Details

Rebates typically appear in your account overnight. If you have already registered your account details with Medicare, you can leave this blank however it will typically take longer for the rebate to appear in your account (up to 5 days).
For example Commonwealth Bank Midland
Usually the name of the account holder, NOT the account type (such as Netbank Saver).

Payment Details (Debit/Credit Card)

e.g., 12/2020 would be 12/20
The last 3 digits on the back of your credit or debit card
By submitting below, you agree to the terms and conditions of services provided by clinicians at Cygnet Clinic, including the use of automatic payment methods such as debit or credit payments for services provided. You understand that Cygnet Clinic is not a Mental Health Emergency Service.
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